Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Great Day!

  There was an agenda....Ann was ready to dye her bamboo for the shawl challenge.  The utensils were located, and the cover put on the counter.  Formulas were calculated for the dye for the colors that Ann had chosen.  So far....so good........

S P L A T ! ! !

Yes.....that's what happened!

  Christy's pants took the worst of it.  But, accidents happen, right?

No accident here....
  Ms. Ila is getting close to the end of her scarf warp. 

  And, I got to cut off my warp with the two remaining scarves (plus 4 mug rugs!!!!)

  Bonnie was able to be back with us today.  She's helping Ms. Trudy put a new warp on one of the table looms.  We can always use more mug rugs for the Foothills booth in November.

And, our guys just keep on keepin' on!!!! 

  In fact.....Lanny made these for us today!
On the left is a Queen Mary's Tart (with golden currants and cream and butter....YUM!)  And, on the right is an Apple and Walnut Clootie....also very yummy!  We need to send Lanny to cooking school more often!!!!
  Just another great reason to be a Tuesday Weaver!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

I was glad to be back even if I can't weave yet. It was just good to visit and help out.