Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Days!!

Good thing it wasn't raining last Tuesday when the guys came to replace our roof!! As I left to head for the center, the guys had just gotten onto the roof and were about to take the shingles off. I always am amazed that there are people who don't mind getting up on high buildings to replace shingles!!

 I got home about 3pm and by then they'd removed most of  the old shingles and were beginning the process of putting new ones on.  I didn't take any other pictures but they did a good job, far as I can tell. So far no rain in the sun room!! They cleaned up well after themselves as well. The driveway was swept clean!! The boss did warn me to be on the lookout for nails. Some could come off the roof as it rains. I was talking to a neighbor in her driveway last week and she looked down and saw a nail. Their roof was done a couple of months ago...and I saw in the paper that locally they're seeing triple the number of flat tires. So many people had hail damage. A friend in west Knoxville is still fighting their insurance to get their roof replaced. I hope they have a tarp on their roof because they had rain coming in.
 We have another neighbor, just 3 houses down that had the process begun Thursday to replace their shingles. They are all off and it's just tar paper up there now. We started having rain yesterday afternoon and by this morning, it's a steady rain. We're getting some of the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. We can use it! Too bad Texas isn't in the path. But, I'll bet that next year they'll get alot of rain and we'll be dry.

So it's a rainy day here and I've decided to make some rolls. I did bring more flour from Canada so a day like this is a good excuse to make something with it.
I'm also making a baby blanket. We go to a Mexican restaurant at least once a week. The owners are good people and friends. Their daughter was married over a year ago and we went to the wedding. Now she's having a baby this fall and Sunday is a shower for her. Yeah, I'm going to make a blanket for their new boy. She loves monkeys and I knew I had a pattern somewhere in my stash I'd gotten from Clotilde. Thursday I went to Mamaw's Thimble and got fabric for it. I've got the background done. It's all 6 1/2 inch squares sewn together, 7 across and 10 down. That was the easy part. Now I have to do the rest. Here are the patterns traced on heat n bond light. Next I have to fuse it onto the correct color of fabric, cut them out and fuse it onto the blanket correctly so I can machine stitch it down.
I've gotten the center vine and all but one leaf done. I'll work on the monkeys next. Each monkey has about 20 pieces to fuse and sew around.
 Just looking at the pattern, it looked so easy...
 I will get it done and quilted by the time of the party on Sunday even if it kills me!

I haven't gotten my yarn order yet so I've woven off the placemats on Thelma. I had woven 8 earlier and given as gifts. Now I got 18 on the rest of the warp. The top 8 are claimed as gifts and there are 10 left to have on hand. I won't be selling these. They wait for another wedding down the road!
I did check and I do have some placemats that can go for sale at the show in November. That'll help the count of placemats. I've got at least 10 ready to go to the stash for the show.
Today we're moving Thelma back next to the Nilus. I think she'll be happier there and if we need to we can place some boards there to keep her from walking. With the nice carpet we have put in the studio a couple of years ago, I don't want any bubbling to mess it up and this loom seems to like to walk. She's still heavy and I wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall when we move her later today!! We do have a rolling dolly but I think it'll take all 3 of us to get her in place!! I already have another warp ready to go on her for placemats.
Between the monkeys, moving looms, making rolls and maybe a couple of other things around the house, today is shaping up to be a fun, interesting day with an indoor picnic tonight!
Rain's ok and it'll probably continue tomorrow but then here's hoping we'll have nice weather and cooler, too, as fall approaches!


LA said...

A rainy day is a good weaving day!!! That quilt pattern is just too cute....what a lucky baby!

Linda said...

You got your roof on just in time! We are under a flood warning here. So glad we live on a hill! Everything you make turns out so beautiful! I know the new parents are going to love that quilt!

Bonnie said...

I am loving the rain. We needed it so bad. Hope that it will cool down now. What a cute pattern for the baby blanket. And no, it does not look easy to me. You will have to remember to take a picture of the finished blanket. Glad you got your roof finished last week.