Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Good Day To Be Together!

  We were working with a small group today, but we took some time to do some problem solving and admire work done over the last week. 

  Pat brought one of her rugs woven with the nylon as the warp.  She had woven in the fringe at the edge of the rug rather than knotting the fringes.  She used fabric, as well as the nylon, for the weft.  It did give the rug a nice, clean edge.

  Ann brought her scarf with the knitting ribbon insert.  There were lots of suggestions for different ways to use the ribbon.  With all the creativity in our group, Ann will have lots of options with the scarf.

  Ms. Ila knitted LONG before she started weaving, so she had a lot of great suggestions.

  We also looked at Ann's experiment in using tea to dye bamboo.  From left to right:  Raspberry Zinger, Earl Grey and Chamomile.    Which do you like best?????

  Tina brought her mug rugs and got them tagged and ready to join the stash for the Foothills show.  We've got 73 days to get ready!!!!

  She is almost to the end of her placemat warp at the Center, also!!!  More items for the stash!!!!

  Carol was busy cutting more strips for Ann's rug on the barn loom.  They even went out to the Annex looking for more fabric to use on that warp. 
  Carl got weaving time in today, also.  Those rugs are looking great! 

  Allan's placemats are looking fantastic with the fabric strips he prepared.  And, this man can hemstitch!!!!

  A big thank you to his wife, Sharon, for making us bread to nibble on this morning....it was yummy!

  And, speaking of yummy......thank you, also, to LaDonna for sharing her crockpot of Taco Soup!  The recipe she was using was for one pot, but it made two!!!!  So, guess what we had for lunch????  On this cool, rainy day, it was perfect!
  I finished off my last scarf, and had some warp leftover (but not enough for another scarf.)  I found a ball of cut, small gingham, and I'm finishing off that warp with mug rugs.  You can never have too many!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

A big thanks to LoAnn. Missed you guys today. I had a trip to Oak Ridge and did not get home till almost 3:00. What a pretty rug Pat made. Allan placemats look great. That warp is perfect.
I like raspberry zinger. They are all lovely colors.

Tina J said...

I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy day!

Anonymous said...

Rainy day - what's that? All the projects look fabulous. I like the Zinger more for the yarn sample than drinking. ~Marta