Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Rug?

This week I am trying to get the last Rag Rug woven off of the Leclerc Mira 36 inch.  It is on loan from the weaving center, and I would like to take it back next Tuesday, so that I can move the  Rug Loom over from Lou Ann's house.  She has it stored in her garage, and I really don't have a great Rug loom in the house.  ( Many of us have looms that belong to the center, there is just no more room there, so we are babysitting them at our homes, until a miracle happens and there is some!)

I was looking at fabrics, I had chosen my patterned fabric, and thought I would use a dark and a light to go with it.

  I pulled off 3 yard lengths of the solid colors and 6 yard lengths of the print.  I was able to sew some of them together before cutting the strips, which makes it easier.  Then I stitched together what I thougth might fit onto a shuttle, I followed a regular pattern.  Print, dark, light, print, dark, light, etc.

After they were sewn together, I balled them up, folding only down the middle.

Here is a view going onto the cloth beam.  I really am pleased with how it came out.  I will finish this last rug off today, and finish also the first of the baby blue Baby Blankets that have been haunting me for months.  What is up with that!  If I had done 20 minutes a day I would have finished it faster!

Wednesday was a really full work day, and I hope today will prove as productive.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

You just gotta love rag rugs!!! Not only do they use up fabric out of the stash, but they just look so beautiful!!! I'll start clearing a path to the loom...........

Bonnie said...

Ok, if I can't weave myself, the next best thing is to see what you guys are weaving. That will be a great rag rug. What a beautiful baby blanket.