Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is It Wednesday Already?

   I sat down at the computer to read the New York Times and realized I hadn't blogged yet today.  It's my first day off in nine days, and I haven't thrown a pick, knitted a stitch or sewn a seam.  What I have done is work.  Krissy and Katie see me more than my cats and dog do.  We spend almost every day together, right here at these tables.  Please look closely at Katie's apron.  It has enough flour to make a loaf of bread!
  We each had one day off this week, and worked at least 12 hours each day.  Our feet hurt, our backs are sore and we miss our families.  But today, I was out to lunch with Mom, picked up Bella from Grandma's and have had some quality time with the laundry.  It's a good thing we love our jobs, but that love is beginning to wear a little thin.
 I did manage to get to the fabric store after lunch-- the quilt shop, really--and bought some beautiful white lawn for a new white blouse.  Can't have enough of those, can I?  And I started to lay out the pattern pieces of a new blouse from the fabric I bought in Nashville two weeks ago.  It's lusciously soft cotton, and I'm using a pattern that Theresa from the blog wrote about last month.  It's from a great little pattern company called Colette, and the packaging is great.  The instructions are in a booklet that's sewn into the folder, with a firm pocket to hold the pattern pieces.  The sizing is generous and the instructions are clear.  Their website is great:  They have another pattern I'm going to buy soon, a '40's inspired sleeveless top that would look great in this fabric, too.
  I've got to round up the dust bunnies and give the kitchen a good scrub before I can get to it, though.  Have a lovely pre-fall week!  Maggie


LA said...

You've been working some LONG days, my friend. I'm glad you took some time today for YOU. I think you'll love your new blouse.

Tina J said...

I hope you can get a more normal life soon! I hope you enjoyed your sewing!