Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOW Factor!

Can you say, "WOW!!!" 

It's one thing to see Boundweave in a book...but it's truly amazing seeing it develop on the loom.

Pat has done her homework, and she's working her magic on the loom.  You can't see the four stick shuttles with the different colors OR her "cheat sheet" with the secret code...but she took the time to show us how this is working.

Pat explained about laying in each color with the treadle pattern.  We took turns watching her weave this beautiful pattern.  Ann's loom is nearby, so she got to see a lot of the weaving!

Another WOW today was getting to see Carol weave!  LOL!!!  She is usually working in the background, and not on a loom.  But, we are working on mug rugs for the Fiber Festival in the Spring, and Tina had already gotten this table loom ready.  That's the Cross of Tennessee overshot pattern.

Tina is threading Snail Trail on the other table loom.  The black warp really makes the colors show up on the mug rugs.

Ila was busy today with her lace mats (which are just lovely!)

Here's Bonnie chaining loopers together for her next rug.

The placemats on Carl's warp are a muted mix of colors....some of his lime green ones from his last warp have already sold upstairs!

LaDonna cut more of the ruffle into strips for weaving, and Linda worked on her scarves....lots of lively conversation!

I finally got the treadles tied up securely on my scarf warp (I used zip ties!!!)  And, I fixed the broken floating selvedge....so I got some weaving done today, also!!! 

So.....another wonderful day at the Center with the Tuesday Weavers!

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

Beautiful bound weave! It looks kind of Navajo-esque. And you all look happy and busy. Miss you! See you next week!

Anonymous said...

Missed you Maggie! We did get a good bit done!! The next few weeks should be quite exciting at the center as warps are cut off, new ones put on and interesting new projects started!

Bonnie said...

There was more going on than I realized. Sitting in the bsck by the air conditioner unit it is hard to hear at times.