Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trip North part 3

Don't think I've had a picture posted here of my sister's cat. He's  named Babe after Babe Ruth and is a very spoiled 17 year old wonderful cat. He's the talkingest cat I've ever seen!!! Everyone wants to adopt him because he really is a sweet guy! Oh yeah, he only has one tooth but that doesn't stop him from taking care of himself!It was my birthday this past week. Actually I've been up here a time or two on my birthday. Boston Pizza is a good restaurant with a full menu of good stuff. Plus, they give a free dessert on your birthday........and plenty of forks! So, of course, that's where we went. My uncle and aunt had come down from Saskatoon to see Mom and they were here at the same time so we all were there! They make a bit of a production out of bringing out the cake, too.This past week was more sewing! As you can see we had 3 machines going. Mom got onto her 1960 Bernina which sits on top of her treadle machine. She's machine quilting the baby quilts. If you look hard, you can see my sister's arm in the left background, ironing a quilt top! We had it going there each day. My sister's baby quilts all are similar but so different. The one on top is using all the bits and pieces left from the other 4 quilts. My Mom is surrounded by her quilts. The first one she started 27 years ago and is the only one that's completely finished. She will finish the last bits on each of these this winter.Yesterday we loaded up the cars and headed east. My sister drove her car and Mom decided to ride with me. Getting into my van is pretty easy but still took alot of effort on her part. The trip is about 7  1/2 hours.  Plus we were driving in alot of rain the last couple of hours. So we didn't get to Winnipeg til about 8. We're spending a few days at my sister in law's. My nephew and his wife liked the throw. He'd been following this blog so knew they were finally getting it! The gnomes on the back was definitely the right choice!!!We're going to be visiting my Mom's friends this week and driving around a bit. The schedule is set and it'll be a bit hectic. We're going to be sure Mom rests inbetween too! Having to be on dialysis involved arranging for her to get hers done on Friday in Winkler. I used to teach first grade there many years ago so it's kind of my old stomping ground. It's about an hour and a half from Winnipeg.
Sunday my Mom and sister will head back west and I'm heading south, back to the heat and humidity of the south!! Once home, the first thing I have to do is put a warp on my Nilus and maybe one on my pup. There's a show I have to get a piece ready for and the deadline is Sept. 1!! So much for resting up then after my trip!


LA said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! You ALL have been so busy...and what fun sewing with your Mom & sis! Have a safe trip back! We've missed you.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday! belated! That cake looked yummy. I love those quilts. What fun you are having visiting old stomping groundsf and family. Have fun. Be safe driving home.

Tina J said...

The quilts, and the mayhem at your mom's place look like so much fun! I know you are having fun, but we will be so glad to see you back home again! A big Happy Birthday from us all, is that 39?

Anonymous said...

Yup, I"m 39 again and again and again!! We have had a really busy time sewing and figuring out new projects. I'll try to be there Tuesday but not first thing in the morning, for sure!!! I don't leave here til Sunday and it's 2 long days because I"ll be coming from Winnipeg which is further than I normally go in 2 days...

Anonymous said...

Russell's throw: Mission Accomplished. Nice.

I love you, Mom. Have fun. Be safe.


Linda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like you had a fun time.

I love how you grouped the quilts together by color for the pictures. They look wonderful!

Hoping you have a safe and uneventful trip home. We miss you!

Katelynn, I am glad you are here! Stop by and see us at the center sometime!