Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ms. Bress

Helen Bress' name was thrown around all day today.  Between Pat trying to explain boundweave to those of us who haven't trodden that path before,,,,,,,,,

and me trying to figure out what is going on with my overshot project over at Farmstead Studio! 

Here is the leftover warp from the KMA project, Pat is getting ready to wind it on.

Bonnie is making great headway on her sock Looper rug.
Marta has cut off the placemats she finished!
Ila is making great progress on these Huck Lace towels.
                              Ann is making these lovely multicolored placemats.
I am working on mug rugs for the Southeast Fiber Forum.  I am using 2 of the table looms we have here at the center.  I am working 2 different overshot patterns, on the natural warp I am working the Cross of Tennessee, and on the Black warp I thought we might do Cat paws and Snail trails.  Maggie was here too, as were Lou Ann, Joyce, Linda and Alan, I just didn't get a picture of what they were doing.

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina for all!


LA said...

OK...so I won't use duct tape on those treadles...how about painters' tape so it won't leave any "sticky"???? I'll get going on my scarves next week....promise!!!

Tina J said...

What about zip ties?

Bonnie said...

So much to do. Lots of exciting things happening. I guess you can say that the Tuesday Weavers are a happening group.

Maggie said...

LouAnn, I have a skein of nylon cord in my loom bench! I'm not there next week, but please feel free to try to make that work!