Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think a week ago I was still having trouble with my Macomber loom.  I was asked by my friend "why did you put the afghan project on THAT loom".  I guess in my mind, I knew what it would take to get my DDH off his _____, and do something about it. I couldn't fix it. Not a clue. Sunday I told him that I had more yarn to do my afghan project, that people would be expecting me to get this done. I asked could you please take another look at my loom and see what the problem is. What is with men/husbands? Somebody will bring a computer over, he will stay up until 2:00 am to get it working. But let me want him to do something or fix something for me-------how long does it take?? We want even go there. Back to Sunday. He got under the loom and worked and worked. Finally! Eureka! He figured it out. Got it working. I finished my rectangle, and did 3 more.  I did one of my color's above and then 2 of Maggie's and half of one for Pat.

I would have had maybe 4 more done today and yesterday but my son's AC went out and we brought the  4 grandchildren home for the night. WOW! I know it would have been easier in my 30's. But not at my age now. The little one, Roman, who is 2 had not had a nap and not much sleep the night before, so at dinner he ate a roll and drank some Sprite and his head went down on the table. Yes he was asleep. I could not get him awake. Took him home and he woke up as we got home, just in time to throw a fit. I mean a FIT. I call it an exhausted fit. I remember it well, with my son. The only way to get them calm is to hold them tight so as not to be able to kick and hit and just rock and whisper softly to him. After a few minutes, which seemed like forever, he got calm. I asked him if he was ready to watch 'Sponge Bob Squarepants"?  He said "OK". Then a bit later I got him to eat a bit of his dinner. Then bed. Yeah.  Then we had a big rain storm from 11pm until 2:30 am. I know because I did not sleep. I guess out of fear that they would fall out of bed or something and I would not hear them. Needless to say,  that one day and night,  I am exhausted.
Oh, yes they are little angles. Roman is 2 and Avery is going to be 4 next week. The other two are  9 and 13 and not a problem. i did not get a picture of them. Maybe another time. My plans for yesterday and today were shot. What was to be done today will be there for tomorrow.
Have a good week.


Roxie said...

It's a good thing I'm too old for babies. I would put the little darling down for a minute and forget where I left it. Just like my car keys. You're a good, good grandma!!

Maggie said...

That's a pretty pattern! I'm glad Bill could help you get it going.

LA said...

I really like that pattern! I can't believe how different Maggie's yarn looks using that pattern. You've gotten a lot done so far...even with the wait for the repair! (Thank you, DH!)

Tina J said...

I love that pattern Bonnie. I am so glad you got your loom working again. Now it will fly! You have beautiful grandbabies.

Theresa said...

I've noticed the very same thing about husbands! The weaving looks so nice and colorful, what a happy looking fabric. Beautiful grandkids even if they are exhausting they certainly look like they've enjoyed their time with Grandma & Grandpa. Let's hope the AC gets fixed soon though...:)

Bonnie said...

AC is fixed. It is a fun pattern to watch it devlope and the different colors. The verigated just does not show a pattern very well.