Thursday, August 26, 2010


Finally. Last I turned around it was 10:00am. Now it is 4:00pm. Where did the day go. I am just going to stop trying to plan my day ahead of time. Never works. I did most of my running yesterday, so I thought. My plan was to get the Inkle loom ready, then weave on the project. I did start the warping of the Inkle. It just seemed to take for ever. With all the phone calls, letting the dogs out, letting the dogs in, the door bell and the laundry.  I had to run up to the local florist to order flowers for the alter for Sunday(I had forgotten). I got back and did a little bit of weaving on the Inkle so you could see the pattern. Then I couldn't get the camera to work. I think I have some pictures. I chose a pattern that would be small enough for a tiny belt. Not overpowering. Since it was so small I decided not to use the purple and just use the fuchsia on the border.

Now off to work for DH.  Maybe if I get my stuff done with him I can weave tomorrow???????
Happy Weaving.
Until next time.


LA said...

Your granddaughter will love that belt! Those colors will look just right! Time has that way of getting away from you....where did the day go???

Anonymous said...

That belt is gorgeous! You did get something done, more than me. I worked at the Art Market all day. Well, sat at the Art Market. We had 21 people come in all day. A slow Thursday!!! yawn!

Tina J said...

Sweet belt! Bring it in for us to see!