Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Tuesday Once Again!!!!

It was business as usual today for the Tuesday Weavers.  Sharen had to cut more strips for her placemats....Linda is working on her table loom, and Marta is getting ready to go on Safari, and getting placemats ready to go upstairs in the shop.  Joyce was getting her Inkle Loom warped for some mug rugs.

Carol is back from her trip to Canada, and she is just in time to tag Marta's placemats.   Pat is threading the Boundweave warp.  (That's going to be FUN!!!)     

TA-DA!!!!    Lanny was ready to cut his rug warp off today!  He was trying to remember how long he has been working on this warp.  This is the one time when it is OK to have scissors near the warp!!!!

The process is not complete until they have been rolled out on the floor....and rolled out, and rolled out!!!  Seven rugs came off that loom!  That's a lot of knotting still to do!!!!  Tina already has warps wound off to put back on the loom when Lanny gets ready.

Ann and Allan were hard at work on their warps and Bonnie is still plugging away at more looper rugs.

As for me....the floating selvedge on the scarf warp broke...and the tie-ups are still acting ugly.  I'll fight that battle next week!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

It was so good to be back!!! We got those rugs all ready with the ends knotted. Next week they'll go up to the shop!

Maggie said...

Missed you guys! Congratulations, Lanny! Have a great safari, Marta!

Tina J said...

I could say that I wish I was there, but you all know the truth! Sun and Sea. good company and food, it doesn't get any better than this! See you next week!

Bonnie said...

A fun and busy day.