Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Quickie!

It's a hot, humid, hazy August morning here on the Ridge.  My sister is in for the weekend, and we're going to get going in just a a few errands to run and we're treating ourselves to breakfast out. 

So, here's a quick overview of my week!

Bucky & I did some sightseeing around Oak Ridge this week.  As you probably know, Oak Ridge was home to the Manhattan Project during WWII.

I took Bucky to see the Friendship Bell that is a symbol of the link between Oak Ridge and Japan.  It has a wonderful, deep sound.  We did take some time to read  the inscription on the side of the huge bell.  Nothing more needs to be said.

We also took a quick trip to the Museum of Science and Energy  Bucky had fun at the whisper dish.  You can hear someone talking softly across the patio when they are facing the dish.
"Can you hear me now?"

I cut off 8 mug rugs from the Tennessee Squares warp, and decided to rethread for Cat Tracks/Snail Trail.  Bucky really liked that design!!!  He was a BIG help!

Some of these mug rugs will be used for the goody bags for the Fiber Conference next April. sis is ready to I've got to run!
Happy Weaving and STAY COOL!


Tina J said...

Have fun with your company, Bucky is such a good camper isn't she! I'm sure your Sister is too!

Maggie said...

Where's Trompaz?

Bonnie said...

You guys had a busy day. Bucky is doing a good job on the mug rugs.

Roxie said...

How exciting for Bucky to go to Oak Ridge! And oh, what a wonderful time you are showing him. Do you find that he charms children everywhere he goes? He's not the lover-boy that Bobbie was, but Bucky is in no way lacking in social graces.

Hope you and your sis have a ball. Stay cool!

Benita said...

I hope Bucky behaved himself well. After hosting Lulu for a few days... Well, enough said about that!