Friday, August 6, 2010

Creative Juices!

Sometimes you know when you start a project, just exactly how it is going to turn out, and there are not many chances that those plans will change.
You know the steps you have to take to get the finished product, and the results are pretty much fool proof.

Months ago I began winding this warp thinking the whole time that I would do hand towels in plain weave with stripes and matching bands across.  Simple enough right? 
While I was waiting for a loom to open up for this project, ( or really I had to buy the loom) I began to fall in love with Overshot all over again.  So, I began to puzzle it out,  I love what your brain does while you are not even aware of it!

I really love this design, it has all the elements I like and I think with a little work I can make it match up with the stripes flowing down underneath the overshot design.

I had to move a couple of threads to make it work, and I am now almost done winding on.  I am waiting for some loom parts for this loom, then it will be full speed ahead.

I may still do some handtowel with this warp, maybe even with an overshot accent, but I think it will make fantastic pillows!

This is the next project for my 4 harness counterbalance,  Overshot again.  I can't wait to see how this developes!

On a side note, this is my night time knitting project, almost to the end of the main body. Should have it finished in plenty of time to wear to Blackberry Farm to demonstrate!

So while some projects are pretty straight forward, with expected results, like running the dogs = happy dogs and too many tomatoes in the summer = canned tomatoes.

Other projects are more fluid and can change as they progress, but with a lot less mess!



Happy Weaving, Tina
12 miles logged


Bonnie said...

Always something on the burner. Good luck with the overshot and stripes. An intresting concet. Can not wait to see if it works and what it looks like.
Oops. I forgot to blog yesterday.

Life Looms Large said...

I have one of those constantly changing projects on my loom right now. I like where it ended up, but it's been a winding road getting there!


LA said...

PING!!!! You had me running for Davison's book!!! Of course I got sidetracked with all the overshot patterns while I was looking!!! I love what you're doing!!!! BTW, Scout & Wally are growing UP, aren't they!!!!

Maggie said...

The overshot is going to be cool! I love the ping, too!

Linda said...

I am looking forward to seeing the overshot!

I love how the dogs are smiling for the picture.

Theresa said...

Overshot is so much fun and I love where your creativity has taken you. Plus, smiling dog pics are always fun!

Roxie said...

What fun! Best success with that! And canning, too? You are a woman of many skills!