Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Terriffic Tuesday!!!!

Today was a great day for visitors!  We welcomed a little ram, Bucky Merino....he's visiting from Milwaukie, OR.  Bucky had heard about all the goings on at the Center, and tagged along with Tromp for a day with the weavers.  (You can meet his friend, Roxie, at her blog on the right side bar:  Sanna's Bag.)
  I didn't get a picture of Marta's visitors....sorry!  But, David's sister and her husband and son were in for a visit.  They spent some time with us, then went across the street to the Museum of Appalachia to walk about for awhile.

Chamisa was with us today.  She has made a lot of progress on her loom, and has done a wonderful job!  You just have to love seeing young people enjoy weaving!!!!

Linda was able to be with us today.  William was her escort, and loom toter!!!  We are all in awe at her recovery from her surgery!  I guess it just goes to show that weaving is GREAT physical therapy!

Sharen and Maggie were back with us today, also.  Both of them went right back to work on their projects.  Ila was working really hard on her 8/2 lace warp.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of that!!!!  And, Bonnie is hard at work on her looper rugs.  I didn't EVEN want to look under her loom this morning!

I got lots of help tying up the treadles on the 8 shaft Tools of the Trade from Bucky and Tromp.  In fact, I spent most of my day at the Center under that loom!!!!

We had a lively discussion at lunch about the gray warp you see on the table.  This is left-over from the KMA Wind, Rewind, Weave project.  It was donated to the Tuesday Weavers for their use.  Pat has been reading up on Bound Weave, and this would give all of us a chance to learn something new!  Of course, Tromp and Bucky had to put in their two cents worth!  We have a lot of colors to use for weft (thanks to the KMA) and this would make some beautiful table runners.  There's a lot of warp there!!!  Pat had cut her placemat warp off today, so she's already getting that gray warp ready to go on her loom!
Happy Weaving, y'all!!!!


Bonnie said...

There were a lot of people there today. I did not realize it until I look at the pictures. All doing our own thing. It was a good day.

Tina said...

I loved hearing the loom music today.