Friday, August 13, 2010

Ready to roll!

Before we trek off on vacation, I wanted to get Lillian ready to thread when I got back.  She is a sectional loom, so I use a tension box and and spool rack to load her up.  The most I have done on her was 10 yards, I think.

One of the problems I have had in the past is that the back beam on this wonderful loom is curved!  So that means that my tension box does not fit on the beam.  I had the bright idea last time to switch the 2 back beams since the one closest to the floor is square instead of round.

Now there is a a groove on the curved beam that I could use the threader plate and do it, but I love the  yardage counter on my tension box!  No more counting turns, just keep an eye on the counter!

Spool rack loaded, and this time I took all the threads up to the top of the rack before I loaded them into the tension box.  I think things went even smoother than usual, hardly a snag.

 Tie onto the grommet.

Go slowly around that first time, to make sure that all is aligned properly and everyone wants to stay where they are supposed to.  For some reason this loom doesn't have a handle to turn the warp beam.  That means I have to use the pegs to turn it.  So you should see me go, it is a regular work out.  Once I know that is should run smoothly I really haul away at it!  So far I haven't gone past the 15 yard mark that is my goal this time, but it was close a couple of times.

Here she is all wound up and ready to go.  I wound all 19 bouts this time, it is time to see just how far I can reach.  I will be threading her with a simple overshot pattern, but not til I get back from vacation.

I had a ton of yardage on those cones, probably enough to load a 25 yard warp.  I decided to just fasten the loaded tension box to the spool rack and put it in the corner, that way if all goes well, I will just hook her up and do it again!

Now to pack!  Have a great week, I will try to post next Friday with beach pictures.

Until then, Happy Weaving, Tina
ETA logged 14.5 miles


LA said...

First of all: have a great time at the beach! Second: that warp looks great! I would have been happy to come help....but it looks like you did NOT need any!!! I can't wait to see the overshot pattern on Lillian.

Bonnie said...

The warp looks great.Have fun at the beach. See you in two weeks.

Maggie said...

Have a wonderful time!