Saturday, August 7, 2010

Entertaining Visitors

I'm not so sure that August is a great time for little sheep to be visiting East Tennessee!!!  It has been SO HOT and HUMID for the last few weeks, that even those of us without wool coats are working hard to stay cool!  Bucky did spend some time in the pool...the cool water really helped (as did the COOL drink!)  Floating around is just his felting allowed!

I promised to find him some sunglasses....the sun was really bright!

Bucky got to see some of the native vegetation.  Kudzu is often called the "scourge of the South" since it covers anything that doesn't move!  It originally was introduced to help with erosion, and it did.  But it also took over and eradicated native plants.  It's very aggressive, and hard to get rid of!!!!  (I know this because I am waging a battle with it myself!)  Bucky found out that it's very cool under those big leaves, but you can almost watch it grow!  (It grows a foot a day!)  He also found a fairy ring in the back yard.  NO!  Don't take a bite!  We don't know if it's edible!

During the hot time of the day, Bucky and Tromp have read a lot of books.  Their favorites are the "Sheep" books by Nancy Shaw.  They just giggle and giggle over the sheep adventures.

Bucky has also shown a lot of interest in my weaving.  I don't have any wool warps on right now, but he just loved Maggie's panel that I've been weaving on this week.  The variegated thread tends to make blocks of color.  Since it's time to wind a new bobbin, Bucky wants me to start the new one so that the light part will be in the middle this time.   I'll try my best. 

  Last night he helped me do the math for a bamboo wrap.  I have a 9 pound spool of natural bamboo, and I would love to make a lace wrap to wear this fall.  I can even wind the warp for TWO wraps!!!  We'll see how that goes.  I think Bucky just wants to play on the old barn looms while I wind the warp.  It does look like a jungle gym!
  Uh-oh....gotta run.  I just heard a big SPLASH!!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I wonder who threw who in the pool?

Maggie said...

Adorable! You should write a kid's book about Bucky and Tromp, and their wooly adventures! Tommy could illustrate it!

Bonnie said...

How fun. That is a good way to stay cool by the pool. Glad they are letting you get some weaving done.

Linda said...

Maybe I need to seen you some little goats to help you with the kudzu!! After that they can play with Bucky and Tromp in the pool.

LA said...

I think you and Tina need to bring your sweet little goats over here for a "tea & kudzu party!"

Roxie said...

Oh, you and Tromp are being so GOOD to Bucky! What fun for a young ram. I'll be smiling all day, tinking of his adventures. Did he eat any kudzu?

LA said...

Roxie...although goats LOVE kudzu, and some people do eat it (huh?) I suggested he might like some really fresh lawn instead! I'm going to fix some fried okra (my favorite!) for lunch. We'll see if he likes that!

Life Looms Large said...

Bucky looks like he's having a fantastic time!! So cute!

I had no idea kudzu can grow a foot a day. Yipes!

Have fun!