Monday, January 23, 2017

Third Warp

There are two sets of curtains that I weave for the lodge. The set I've been working on first is the shorter set. I weave 68 inches. The finished panel, after washing and sewing casings and hems is 45 inches. I first weave plain weave for awhile then 2 sets of patterns for the main accent.
then, after weaving a bunch of plain weave again, I do another accent row. They do look nice when done.
When I wind the warps on for curtains, I get DH to help me. I want the warps to be on extra well. Saturday we were putting on this third warp. We had help.
Belle was determined to stay right in front of me and sleep on the coiled warp. She was not impressed when DH removed her. She would come right back and stay there. It was the funniest time!!
Hopefully this will be the last warp for curtains. We'll see when I finish these and take the warp off. I have been known to make mistakes and have to weave more panels...

As I type this, we're in cars heading to Kentucky. The Tuesday Weavers are going to be Woolery!! With the rainy weather, we're just two cars full this time, but we're a rowdy bunch and looking forward to seeing the folks up there. We'll stop at the welcome center in Berea first, grab a bite when we get to Frankfort   and then head for the yarn!!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


LA said...

Isn't it nice to have a HELPER??? Love that picture! Have a great time at the Woolery!

Maggie said...

Loom cats are so helpful! She used to "help" me warp, but it wasn't as peaceful!

Linda said...

What a cute helper! Wish I could be with all of you. Have fun!