Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Excitement In The Air

They're here!!!

Aren't they lovely????

We have added to our Wolf pack:  one Baby and one Mighty....both are 8 shaft looms!

Of course, that means that heddles have to be counted out and put on the bars.  The strollers were attached to the feet of the looms.
  Ms. Ila finished her shawl on the 4H Mighty Wolf so she could be ready for the new 8H loom.  I think she has a pattern in mind already!!!

  All the treadle cords had to be attached, also.
YOU do the math......

But, as usual, the Tuesday Weavers jumped right into action!  Done and Done!!!

  Jocelyn has her shawl warp threaded, and she's ready to sley the reed.

  Yes...that's Molly peeking through the castle.  The re-thread is going well....right?

Polly was kept hopping between one project and another most of the day.  The brake on the Leclerc needed her attention, and we had trouble changing the cutter blades on the rag cutter!  Polly to the rescue!!!!

  Alyce got the warp back in order, and it's time to  tie on to the front bar. 


  Meanwhile in the kitchen, Anna had a pin loom lesson going!  Those sure are handy little looms!

Carl got more blue jean strips cut, and got to work after lunch on his rug warp.  He's ready to start his third rug next week.

  The Tuesday Weavers are going to the Woolery on Monday....I hope they are ready for some fun!!!

So much weaving .......

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Not much more exciting than new looms. And what beauties they are too. Good choices! :-)

doris said...

Have fun with the new looms

Maggie said...

Oh, man! I'm off Monday! I want to go to the Woolery!!! :-(