Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Crew


   Anderson County schools are closed....that usually means that the Center is closed, also.  But, you know these weavers...it's Tuesday!  We're at weaving!!!

 Today we met a new weaver who was given this loom (complete with a warp.)  We welcomed Alyce to our merry crew, and inspected this interesting table loom.  Carol straightened a few things up, and Alyce is ready to weave.

  Molly got to be with us today.  She has reworked the threading on her towel project, and she was hard at work (until I interrupted her, that is!)

  Frieda is threading the new scarf warp of hand dyed bamboo while Joan continues to weave on her scarf.

Is that Shirley taking a picture of me taking a picture???  Naw.....she's just showing off her snow pictures!!!  Bonnie and Ms. Ila had a great time on the back row today!

  Liz got some weaving done today, too.  (It's hard to build up a rhythm on a table loom, I think....but, it's a great way to learn!)

  Linda has tied her warp back on, and changed her colors for this new run of placemats.  I'm sure she is enjoying the change.

Marie worked upstairs today checking dates on the items in the shop.  It's always a good thing to rotate stock!!!

  Time for another scarf!  Anna got her warp wound for her latest project.


  Regardless of all the commotion in the studio, Carl just weaves away on his rugs!!!!   This is the second rug on this warp....next week he'll be cutting more blue jean strips for the third one!!!

  For our weavers that couldn't get in to the Center today:  we missed you!!!!  See you next week (weather permitting!!!!)

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Thanks for the pictures, I was on a wheel trip to Elizabethton today, and I am a wheel richer!

Theresa said...

Bravo for those weavers who made it. Some lovely weaving going on for 2017.