Monday, January 2, 2017

Last of 2016

The last week of December certainly flew by!
I'd mentioned at weaving that I was going to come to the center on Thursday to pin my quilts and I had company! Ila came to weave for awhile. I think she wants to get the warp off quickly because we're getting an 8 shaft mighty wolf for her to weave on at the center. It should be coming sometime this week! 
Sharon, Frieda and one of her friends came too. Of course I didn't take pictures when they arrived but I did take one of how I use risers to raise the table and once all 3 layers are smoothed and taped with painters tape, I could start to pin the layers.
I use a little tool to help raise the pins as I close them. Saves the fingers. Now I've got both quilts ready to machine quilt when I have time.
At home, I finished the last warp of the year. Black, grey and red. It's the opposite of a warp I did a year ago where the main color was red. Now it's black and I did enjoy weaving it.
This month I have to weave curtains again. It's the last time I'll be doing it. I guess I've replaced all the curtains I wove 25 plus years ago! I shall be glad to be done with the project but it has been nice to have something important to weave each January and February. 
2016 was interesting with new people coming to weave with us on Tuesdays and friends we made in the fiber world. I'm excited to see what 2017 will bring!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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