Friday, January 6, 2017

Snowy Day

When I woke up this morning there was no snow on the ground, and I though what a pity it was that LouAnn and I had cancelled our plans for a road trip.  As it turns out, just a few hours later and there are a couple of inches on the ground and the roads are less than good out there.  So it is a good thing we postponed afterall.

That means I have some time in the Studio that I wasn't planning on having.  I have 3 looms warped and in progress.  One is the second baby blanket using thinner thread for the weft than I used for the warp, (I posted about that recently) I hope to finish that blanket today and wash both blankets to see how it looks.  The second is a hand towel warp that I think I have posted about recently.  But, it is the third project that will get most of my attention today.  If you have read my posts in the past you already know that  I have tubs upon tubs, literally 6 of them stacked in the corner, of 12/3 100yd warps.  (I'm not kidding.)  I have tried several things with the first warp, and have found them interesting to use but so far not happy with what I have done.  These warps are 8 inches across when set at 24 epi, so the first thing I did is put the two warp ends side by side for a 16 inch width,(which also shortens the warp to 50yards!) I may end up using a 3rd one so that I can get a good 24 inch towel out of it.  They are a bear to get on the loom because that 12/3 really likes to stick to itself, but I keep at it because I knew that one day I was going to find the perfect project.

I don't know if this is truly "it" but I have found something this week that I like alot!  It is a simple one shuttle weave, (Yay!) and it is so simple it is comforting to me somehow.  I found the twill threading draft and tie-up in Mary Black's "Key to Weaving", in my copy the draft is on page # 215.  There is not much in the way of treadling instructions with this one, but that gave me freedom to make it my own.

 I am using an AVL end feed shuttle that I really like to use with this fine yarn.  The weft is 8/2 cotton, I have several cones of this on hand, in a couple of colors.

 This happens to be an 8 harness threading, but you could easily use a 4 or 6, or 16 harnesses for that matter with no trouble.

Block A is harness 1 through 4, and block B is harness 5 through 8.  I actually went to the reed and started grouping threads first one side and then the other until I was happy with what I had, then I re-threaded for the umpteethn time.

 I love this pattern so much I may see what it does on my 4 harness loom that has 8/4 for baby blankets and comforters.
 This color combination reminds me of the game Checkers I played for hours as a kid! I am going to weave up a couple of Napkin sized pieces in several different colors, and then I will put them thru the wash and see how they do.  I just love the small pattern where the lines intersect don't you!
On the band loom I am still working on the Sami band I started awhile ago, but I am working on it more regularly now. I think that is because I finally found a home for the little loom.  (That is another organizing thing I got done this week) I have finally gotten to the point that I do not need to look at the pattern.

On this piece I am using 8/2 cotton, some of it mercerized.  I got this 7 strand pick-up pattern out of Susan Foulkes "Sami Band Weaving"  though I added the borders from a different band, I think it makes it more complete.

(For other fiber news see the Farmstead Studio on the blog list)

Outside the snow is still falling, while I get to enjoy working snug in the Studio with the occasional break for tea and cookies, on an unexpected Studio day.

Happy weaving, Tina


Theresa said...

Pretty towels! Nice new pic too!

LA said...

Your piece reminds me that I need to get back to my block weave program! That is a beautiful piece of fabric!

Maggie said...

Pam Howard loaned me an inkle loom. I'd love to spend an afternoon, inkling with you! I need help!