Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year

   Ms. Ila knew that the best way to start 2017 for the Tuesday Weavers would be COOKIES!!!  YUM!
  These were white chocolate macadamia cookies, and there wasn't even a crumb left on that plate at the end of the day!
  Elsewhere in the Studio we had a shawl warp going on the Leclerc, and bamboo being coned in preparation of winding warps for more shawls and scarves.  That cone winder is already getting a workout!!!



  For the last few years, we have all gone over to the Museum for lunch....and this year we continued that tradition.

  The Museum usually puts us in the back room....we can be a little loud!  But, there is always something on the menu that tempts your taste buds!

  We had our Share Time when we got back to the Studio.  These are Carl's towels that he wove using one of the 8 shaft patterns from Strickler.

Sharon has been busy, too.  This is her rayon scarf that she wove.  She also had several hats that she crocheted.  (I think she has enjoyed her holiday break!!!)

  Karin has been busy on her Inkle Loom!  She made these bookmarks using a pickup technique.

  Next week we'll be back to business as usual....more warps being wound, and lots of weaving!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

A rainbow of towels on a dreary day!