Friday, January 20, 2017

In the Loop

I texted LouAnn yesterday and told her that I had not gotten started on the 2.2 pounds of Bombyx silk fiber in Brick form, that I purchased last month for my Birthday, and that I am using it as a carrot to get some things done before I start.  She wanted to know if I was crazy or something, but I know that once I get started spinning silk, I may not want to stop!

One of the biggest things I had to get done, before I start spinning that lovely silk was the bags of loopers that had not been de-linted needed to be.   Several days last week I worked on them and all day Wednesday I worked steadily until I got to the lint in the bottom of the last bag.

This stringy stuff, and it's accompanying lint gets everywhere when you are working on the loopers, that I think is kind of why I hadn't tackled it yet.

As LouAnn mentioned yesterday, I am getting John her ORCO rug loom.  I had recently sold a project Cambridge loom when I realized that while I enjoy tinkering with looms  and wheels, I am not very good at full blown restoration.  It was just about that same time when LouAnn decided that John might need to find a new home.

Anyway, that is what has fueled this push to get the looper mess in hand.  I already mentioned last week that I am dyeing the loopers with some Rit Dye that Carol had given me ages ago.   As I sorted thru loopers and grouped and washed them a couple of times in the washer, I dyed them in batches of 300 to 400 loopers .

I had to take a break from dyeing cause I ran out of washed loopers,  I think I only have 3 more bottles of dye left.  So this dyeing bonanza will soon be over.  I did a rough estimate on just how many loopers we are talking about. ( I zip tied them in groups of 100 so it wasn't terrible difficult to do.)  I have over 100,000 loopers on hand.

Here are the colors I have so far, when I dyed the first batches I did 300 loopers per pot, but I soon realized that I could easily fit another 100 in the pot and still get good color.

The black ones were already black, but they had to be washed too.  Among the colors I have left  to use is a bottle of black, and I think I am going to go ahead and use it on 400 of them, it will probably end up a different shade of black than what I already have.

There are still 4 bags of loopers that are de-linted and zip-tied together that still need to be washed and I am really tempted to take them to the laundromat and give my washing machine a break!  Once they are clean I can finish dyeing those last 3 batches and be done with it!!!!  YAY!

Now I just have to chain them and weave them into rugs!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

I see some colorful rugs in your future!!! Now, get out that silk!!!!