Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Buzz

  There was a sight buzz going on in the studio today.

  Eight of our weavers went to The Woolery yesterday, and we got to hear all about the trip.  But, would you believe that they did not take any pictures?????

  Not even ONE????

  There was a bunch of weaving, too.

Anna had her little Structo with her today--and she has found little spools to fit on the warp beam!!!
  Anna was also kept busy giving pin loom instruction to Sharon.  
  So many ways to weave!!!!

  We are pleased that Ray is able to join us again.  He has a lot of weaving experience to share with the group.

  I'm sure that Carl and Lanny will appreciate having another man around the studio, too!!!

  Betsy is working on a new rug using a black cloth weft for one of the stripes.  And, Linda is back to work on her black placemat warp....this time with a new color combo for the weft.

    The Pups were kept humming along, too.  Joan and Harriet  had plenty to keep them busy.

  Frieda  loves working on this loom.

We are happy to hear that Cathy and Paula will be joining the weavers again.  Pat took some time to catch up on all the news!

  We had a surprise visit from Linda and Mark during lunch.  Linda is out of the hospital, and Mark had taken her out for some lunch at the Museum.  It will still be awhile before she can get back to weaving, though.  (Sorry....I didn't get that picture!)

  Polly was able to attend the Annual Meeting, which was held Sunday at the Center.  We are all being called on to step up and offer classes for the Center.  Polly brought her "Twig Chairs" that she made.  This will be the class that she will be teaching this spring at the Center. 
  Lots to think about......

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Oh my that little Structo loom is adorable! Another fun day at the studio. Classes sound fun and I think you guys should do a favorite drafts and recipe book. I'd buy it!

Maggie said...

Cathy and Paula are back! That's great news!

Tina J said...

Twig Chairs!!! I love the idea! Sorry to have missed it this week, I should be back next week though.