Friday, January 13, 2017

Lots of Loopers

I have a lot of loopers to make good sturdy rugs.

There are actually 7 bags full, of cream, grey an black loopers.  Did I say that there are a lot of them.
 Starting last week,  I have been pre-cleaning some of them.  You have to shake the lint off of them as best you can, and it really makes a mess.

 I put them in groups of 100 and I fastened them together with a huge zip tie, making a big donuts sort of thing.  That way I can send them through the washing machine a couple of times to get the last of the lint out.  There is a lot of lint in a lot of loopers.  Black, cream and grey loopers.  Seven bags full of them.

Months ago Carol gave me 13 bottles of Rit dye that she had left over from a project, yes I said 13.  I have broken my own rule and I have started dyeing some of these loopers.

Here is what I have so far, each color is 300 loopers but I think the red is 400 loopers.  I have several more colors to go, and I do it as I have time.
You can't rush the rinsing part, and the red has been the worst so far.  Since the loopers are fastened together I have used my washing machine for the rinsing, and it really has speeded it up.  I couldn't imaging doing it any other way.

I know that I have been adamant about not doing any dyeing, but what are you going to do with all those cream/grey and black loopers (7 bags!) especially when the dye is just sitting there taking up space on the shelf!

Once this looper dye job is done, I will once again concentrate on other aspects of the craft.  I am trying very hard not to add anything else to my crafting world,  I find it hard to concentrate when I have too much going on.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

Those loopers took the dye very nicely! Looks like there will be some rugs in your future.

Maggie said...

I still love the rug I won from a challenge that you made years ago, red and green and purple loopers. Your colors look wonderful, glad you took the plunge!

Sharon said...

I can't imagine dyeing loopers. I wove quite a few rugs from them and did the cleaning and looping part on our deck. Still, we had confetti around the yard for the next couple of months. I have two of the rugs left and really enjoy them, but think if I need any more that I will buy them from another weaver - like you :)