Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Souper Tuesday

 We really don't do football....
we do like to weave.....
and cook!


  We had lots of pots of lots of different soups, and we had salads, bread and crackers, and desserts!

And, since we're weavers, we had really cool bowl cozies for our soup bowls!!!  (Note the purple plaid cozy with matching napkin!  Someone is an over-achiever!!!!)

    You football lovers can watch the other bowl game...we had this one covered!

As always, there was a lot of weaving, too.  Ms. Ila is getting ready to put a shawl warp on the new 8H Mighty Wolf...that's one l o n g warp!!!!

Liz finished her first warp, and was more than ready to cut it off.  New weavers finish their first warp with three table runners that gives them the basics of weaving.


  Carl brought more blue jeans to cut, but today wasn't the day for that!!!  He'll get that done next week!  Jocelyn had plenty to do at her loom, too.
  Polly finished the placemat on the little Leclerc, and cut off  the finished placemats.  She's ready for something a little different.

   Molly finished rethreading, and got back under the loom to tie up the threadles.  (She knows I love these shots!!!)

  Tina is trying to decide on the threading for the hot pink shawl warp.  It's great having Linda next door to bounce ideas off of. 


  Ray and Anna stayed busy this morning winding warps for Dye Day.  (Ray and Polly fixed a spot for the warping board to hang on Tuesdays.  I is taken down and stored when we aren't here.)
  You can see Bonnie's scarf warp as she races to the end.  The weft changes from lavender to green as it nears the end.
A big "thank you" to Betsy for setting up all the soups for lunch!  


 This is just a preview of Frieda's new scarf warp.  Don't you just love this pattern???

  Ms. Ila's daughter, Janey, is recovering from foot surgery....so she brought her to weaving.  What a weaving family!  Janey brought her own loom!!!!

Joan and Karin got some weaving done today, also!  Karin is already thinking about another motif to use for future towels!  She's just got to check on available colors!

  We're so lucky to have this creative group of folks as our team.
Best SOUPER BOWL ever!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I'm still full from lunch!!! It was all so good, and not one repeat in all those crockpots! YUM!

Theresa said...

LOL! What a fun day I'm sure. Hot pink shawls sound awesome BTW.