Thursday, January 19, 2017

Once Upon A Time

  On a hot, humid August day, way back in 2009, this handsome gentleman came to live with me.  I named him after the weaver who wove on him until he, John has been with me awhile.

  The mystery warp that was on him when he arrived was soon identified as the Hollywood Rug, which used to be pre-warped on ORCO looms way back when.  We have spent many hours together just weaving away....mostly rugs and totebags. 

I love him.....he never asks me what's for dinner.  He never points out my poor housekeeping skills.  He doesn't complain when I leave him for long periods of time.  And, when we weave together, he just gets it done.

I love him!

  Thanks to Tina, we have wound a couple of warps on that lovely sectional beam.  Because of John, I have come to appreciate the beauty of a sectional warping beam.  Just load that beam up, and you can weave and weave and weave.  You always have the option of re-threading for a different pattern, if you decide that's your thing.  But, I kept a straight draw threaded after that Hollywood warp came off the loom.  Sometimes I would switch to a twill treadling, which was lots of fun.  John just kept on doing his job.
  Blue jean rugs were easy-peasy for him....that beater bar really packs the weft!

  So, now, it's time for John to go to a new home...with someone who will make better use of his talents. 
  I've been moving looms around the house, and I realized that John was not getting the amount of love he deserved. 
  No loom can replace him....I'll just make do with the other looms that are here.  This is my last rug to weave on more blue jean rug.....our last one together.
  John will be going to Tina's house where he will weave lots of rugs.  (I bet she'll even load him up with a Hollywood warp!!!) 
  But, best of all, he will be loved.

Happy Weaving,


Maggie said...

You finally found the perfect man and you're passing him on? Poor John!

Theresa said...

Such a wonderful story. So glad John will live on and be useful. Is there a replacement of some sort in the works since this was an amicable split?

msvos said...

What a great post. Your weaving area looks wonderful - lots of space and light.