Thursday, January 5, 2017

Maybe It Will....Maybe It Won't

  I was up and out early this morning.  We thought that snow was on the way....due to begin around noon, they thought. 
  I saw my first snowflake around 9 p.m..   It was all alone! 

    I have plenty to do to keep me occupied!  These are the mug rugs we wove during the Foothills show.  Carol finished up the warp, and I brought them home to hem.  So far, I have all of them cut apart and serged the edges.

I have started hemming goal is to get this project completed so that Carol can tag them for sale in the shop.

  Our next challenge is the soup cozy for our Souper Tuesday on January 31.
  During the holidays, I ended up making a dozen cozys for gifts (and I hear they work very nicey!)  But, for the challenge, I will be using handwoven fabric!!! 
  I have reworked the pattern to take into account the heavier fabric.  And, after my conversation with Linda, I'm rethinking the what to use instead of batting. 
  We should have some beautiful bowl cozys when all is said and done!!!

  Oh my.....they are already closing schools for tomorrow!  I guess I'll plan on staying home tomorrow, too.  Sounds like a good day to work on my challenge project.
  Stay warm!

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Theresa said...

LOL.... a flake!? Our flakes had LOTS of company this past storm and another on the way. Oh joy. I'm sliding to town today for supplies. You name, we're out of it.
Love the soup bowl cozies. Who knew? Oh and doing the WP kit was easy. Schacht does a good job with instructions and such. Easier than putting a whole BV loom together. ;-) Pillowcases I think. Foxfibre yarn.