Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Needs Lunch?

  We got everyone's attention!!!!
I won't say it was chaos in the Studio today...but it sure was a happening place!
That swirly thingy is the scarf rack (just in case you were wondering.)
Since we'll be setting up Thursday for the Foothills show, all the inventory that we're taking from upstairs has to be listed on the computer and packed in tubs to go. The weavers bring their own inventory list with their items that are going.
  And, there was the new little table loom to get warped for mug rugs.  It will be set up to demonstrate weaving while we are at the show....thank you Tina for getting that threaded and tied on!!!!  And, thank you, Bonnie, for winding that warp!!!

  Our new weavers are getting ready to join the craziness.....by this time next year Liz will be running around getting stuff ready for the show, too.  Carol was very impressed with her hemstitching on her first warp!

  We were so happy to see Linda today!  She's recovering from her shoulder surgery, and needed a little "Tuesday Weaver time!"  We're good for what ails you!
  Stay tuned for Thursday....I'll try to get lots of great pictures of our booth.
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Lots of great fun going on as always. I bet that show is going to be AWESOME!