Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Drive-by

  Sometimes I think I have too many irons in the fire!

  As Tina wrote last week, we took a little drive to Asheville to visit all the lovely vendors at SAFF.  It is the candy store for fiber folks!!!  One of the things I kept seeing in the booths were dryer balls....I use them here at home, too.  They really do reduce drying time!
  I also saw a piece about dryer balls on one of the morning shows last would think this is a brand new invention!  I made mine a few years ago with some wool yarn I had here at the house. 
  So, with the Foothills show creeping up on us, I got out some wool yarn (part of the stinky yarn that came in a few years just needed a lot of fresh air!)  And, I finally got to play with Kool-Aid dyeing in the microwave oven!!!
  Just so you know, one package dyes one ounce of yarn.  
And, since I had the heating element replaced on the water heater, I have HOT water, which really makes a difference. 
  It's not a biggie...but it is a little something to add to our booth. 
  I still have a lot of sewing to get finished on my other items.

Back to work....

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Maggie said...

I bet the Kool-Aid made them smell better, too, didn't it?