Monday, November 21, 2016

End of Show season!

Just finished my last show of the season right here in Knoxville! Today I slept in!! It's nice to be able to relax a bit. I'll do all the end of show stuff plus be careful how I pack the extras away so I can get to pieces I want to take to shops early in spring.
If you look in the mirror, you can see that I was right next to the concession stand. No, I never bought anything there but I chatted with people waiting for their food!
You can tell which pieces are bamboo because they are so drapey and don't hang well but they feel so wonderful.
The spiral had cotton jackets. With our east  Tennessee weather, most days it's all you need to stay warm. I wouldn't try that up in Canada where I grew up. There it's a spring or fall jacket or wear under your parka for extra warmth. 
The back rack had cotton vests. Each piece preshrunk so if someone tried it on and it fit, it'd fit after washing as well. I really like my new carpet as well. It isn't the thickest but it sure looks nice and feels fine. Got it at Home Depot, by the foot off a roll. Who'd have thought something like that would work in a booth?
Pictures just don't do the vest justice. But behind it you can see the spiral with cotton tops for sale.
Yesterday someone tried in a pretty vest of black white and turquoise. When she had it on I asked her if it made her happy. It did. That's what I want my pieces to do. When someone puts it on, I want them to feel happy wearing it. I want them to help a person have more self confidence in themselves, to feel good. Then I will have accomplished my goal! That's why I weave.
I love this vest. I think I still have it. It tempts me.... It may or may not be put up for sale in a shop. That's the trouble. I end up keeping some of my favorite pieces. To the left of this vest is a rack full of painted vests and jackets. These 2 vests I made after my last show.
So now that the show is over, I will figure out what I want to weave for spring, make a list, see what yarns I have and what I need to order the next time someone wants some bamboo. I still have yarn for several warps. Plus, I want to finish the quilt top I started in summer. I'm close, just 8 more blocks and then assemble the 100 blocks.
I hope each of you has a wonderful thanksgiving whether it's with extended family or, like us. We're staying home and cooking a turkey, watching the parade and relaxing. Maybe watch a movie or two and sleep!
Until next week, have fun and maybe get a bit of weaving done!!


LA said...

Your booth looked lovely, as usual. It's so nice when someone finds just the right top that makes them happy!

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

Beautiful, beautiful...... your creations are amazing.....

Theresa said...

Lovely booth and now it's on to holiday season! :-)