Friday, November 11, 2016

On My Plate

This week, on Tuesday in fact I sewed up the last of the bags I think I can get done before next weeks show.  (I may sneak one more in as I had a great idea as I was going to sleep last night, but we shall see)  I had an idea to make some eyeglasses holders in Christmas colors, I need one, so others might as well, and I thought I could work them up fairly quickly.  I did a 5 yard warp on the Tama, which are the little bobbins that you use in Kumihimo.  I got it all set up and I was braiding merrily away, but a little uncomfortably.  So I went from the couch to a kitchen chair, and again I could braid well enough but my knees kept getting in the way, so I put the Marudai on the chair and stood up to braid, it was good, but the chair back got in the way.  I ended up going into the family room and using the table I have set up for kids.  It works a charm and it is right in front of the TV should I want to watch something.

I think I got about 1/3 of the braiding done when I happened to notice the hand towels fabric that  I had taken off of the loom at the Center on Tuesday.

I thought that I should look them over quickly for errors and then get them ready for the show.  Then I would get back to the braiding, or even that fabulous new purse idea that I had.  Can you say famous last words!  Yes, I have spent quite a few hours needle weaving errors in those plain weave towels.

I knew that I was having trouble on the 9th towel with threads skipping over the surface, but what I did not realize is that the underside of the towels where I could not see had several floats on them as well.  Aaaargh!

Anyway I though I would give you an idea of what in the world I am talking about, especially if you are not a weaver.

 The threads that you can see in the middle left of this picture are floats.  They did not get woven into the fabric because they floated over the shuttle when they were not supposed to.
I take a tapestry needle and follow the path that the shuttle was supposed to follow, weaving in those floats.  The thread I am using to do this is leftover hand dyed warp from this  very project, it makes it so easy.  You can see that the thread in this section is quite dark, and might be visible in the repair.
Since the yarn is variegated all I need to do is slide the yarn along the length to find the color that best blends into the background.

Finally you cut off the excess yarn and once this towel is washed you will not be able to see the repair.  

Nor will you be able to see the other hundred thousand repairs I have made!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

Ugggg....needle weaving isn't fun! Great idea about the "peeper keepers"...that should be a hit!