Monday, November 7, 2016

Getting Closer

It's just a week and a half til my last show of the season. So, I am weaving a couple more warps to fill in a gap. These are vests. I'm using bits and pieces of leftover balls of painted bamboo for the warp. It's cheerful and happy. Well, I was happy when I wove this warp! Using a skein of turquoise and hot pink/red for the weft, it has a nice plaid look.
The other vest I used shades of red. It does have a look of solid red but not exactly, there are several reds in that weft. The piece has a more striped look about it.  When I had washed and sewn the vests, in looking for buttons, I used red for this vest but the plaid one got buttons that have a definite pink look to them. It's fun to pick out which button looks good with which piece.
I was weaving in a nice rhythm the other day when I got a visitor. It's Belle. She liked getting right in my way when I stopped for a moment to say hi. The cats don't usually come down when I weave but when they do, I'm always glad to stop for awhile.
She got a bit relaxed there, too. When she jumped off and I started to weave again, she took off. The noise of the beater seems to scare them. They've pretty much left me alone when I wind warps, too although I did have to get the spray bottle a week ago when Meg decided that the yarn was too tempting as I wound. She decided just watching was good enough and I liked that.
Meg doesn't generally get on my loom but she does like to be nearby. I don't always have my iPad handy to take a picture but I noticed both cats on DH's sheepskin yesterday on our sofa. They love that sheepskin and often are sleeping on it. Yes, both cats are there. They do blend in!
That's Meg. Again, not a great picture but it's harder to pin her down than Belle! Both cats are very sweet and just happy to be. I've noticed that they like to come see me during the day for a few hours. That's kind of new. They used to just sleep all day. 

I've got one more warp on the loom that I want to finish for the show. Then I'll start to look toward next year and weave a warp or two for then. Maybe I'll be ahead of the game! For now, I've got plenty of handwork to finish and a warp to weave off.
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

I can believe weaving those warps made you happy! Very cheerful indeed!

LA said...

Meg and Belle seem to love your new vest warp!!! Great pictures of both!

Theresa said...

Looks like Belle has picked her colors and they are fab!

Maggie said...

Dear kitties! What sweet photos of them! They've grown up to be good studio cats, after all!