Tuesday, November 29, 2016

  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Sevier County as we are dealing with the aftermath of last night's wildfire.  More wind is expected before the rain arrives tonight, and we're hoping for the best.
  Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft lost two dorms to the fire, but the other structures are still intact. News is still very sketchy at this point...we haven't had any news about Nancy and the folks at the Smoky Mountain Spinnery....hopefully we'll hear something soon.

  Our minds were on our friends in Gatlinburg as we worked in the studio today.  We managed to get news updates online throughout the day.
  Sharon and Christy were hard at work on their Inkle looms finishing up their warps.

  ***  Those are Carl's rugs from last week getting tagged to go upstairs!!!

Sharon got her band finished, and modeled it as a necklace!!!

If you were looking for Molly, she was under the loom getting the treadles tied up!

  Ms. Ila finished threading her shawl warp this afternoon, which means she'll be weaving next week!
  Bonnie found a threading error when she started weaving....she got it fixed!!!!

  Carl started sleying the reed on the new rug warp.  After lunch he started threading the heddles.  Of course, that means that we will help him wind on the warp next week!!!

  Tina's dishtowels were a big hit at the Foothills sale, and there are a few more to weave on the warp.  But, first, she had to address a few twisted threads coming off of the warp beam.!

  Betsy found some suiting fabric in the Annex that will work great in her rug warp.  Polly sat down with her later to help feed the fabric in a loop.  That sure makes it easier!!!!

  Carol checked through the dyed warps to see what we still had to weave.  There are some colorful scarf and shawl warps just waiting their turn on the loom!

  These ladies will be working on those warps before too long!!!

  Please send positive vibes our way...we have another night of high wind to get through, and we're not out of danger yet.

Keep weaving.....

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Theresa said...

Prayers going out to you all. We know all about wildfires. Stay safe.