Monday, November 14, 2016

One More Thing..

This week will be super busy, even more than last week. I finished the last painted warp using bits of different dyed skeins and now just have the last parts to finish on the pieces. I really liked this blues and greens project. The weft was variations of blue. It made for a happy time weaving.
I actually did wind on another warp to weave on as I find time, but it's on the back burner. I should get it woven off next week. I've got several warps in waiting, all of them in cottons. It's like an old friend when I weave my cotton warps. I've done a lot of them in various colors and there's something to be said about familiarity with the yarns although new and exciting projects are always welcome!

They predicted frost over the weekend so on Friday we moved the plants into the greenhouse. Bougainvillea, poinsettias and mostly ferns came in. The ferns I've been buying are the monster variety as we try to winter them over. If I remember and can go out each day to mist them, they should thrive out there. However, I do believe that some need to be transplanted into bigger pots come spring. Hopefully I'll stay true to the plan!
The minute they hear the door knob turn, the cats are there. Meg came out first this time. I'm going to leave them out there and see how  long it takes for them  to come in. There's tons of stuff to sniff and, since it's inside, they'll be safe. I don't take my Christmas cactus out because the squirrels destroy them but I do take the poinsettias out. This year there are two of them and I think they may bloom. One has red at the top of the stems and the other has white. I'll keep you posted!  You can't see the blooms coming out on the cactuses but they are. Should have flowers for thanksgiving.
It's been very hazy today, more so than other days. The fires in the mountains are far away but with no wind, smoke is lazily heading our way. Several trails are closed in the Smokies because of it. Chimney Tops has a fire by it. That's one of DH's favorite places to walk so it's sad. It's about an hour drive from here.

One more thing, if you have dogs that are out in the yard for long periods of time, would you do me a favor and double check your fence? A friend in Chattanooga has goats and makes soaps, etc using their milk. A bunch of dogs got out of their yard and mauled one of her favorite goats. Yesterday they had to put her down. It makes me sad to hear that people can be so careless with their animals. We never allow our cats out because we know we have fox and coyotes nearby. Our pets are special to us, whether they are goats or cats.  If we just take care of our own, we wouldn't have issues with pets being mauled.
That's about it from here. Next project is packing the car to set up for the show here in town this weekend. I'll post pictures of my booth again. Tuesday Weavers will have a booth right next to me. Theirs promises to be awesome as well! 
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Linda said...

That is so sad about the goat. Maybe she should invest in a guard dog. I have had two strays coming here from out of the woods lately. I am glad I have Max.