Tuesday, November 8, 2016

And, Another One

  Molly helped Jocelyn this morning, and her warp is ready to start winding on!  So, Molly was back to work on her own colorful threading. 
  Tina had her head down just weaving away on the towels.  You can see the green colorway coming up now.

With our Foothills show looming (haha) Tina decided to go ahead and cut off the towels that were finished on her loom. 

  You can see the ten towels all rolled out....sadly, what you can't see very well is the bands of monk's cloth on each towel!

  Yes....Carl needed to cut more blue jean strips for weft.  Pat helped to keep the joined panels moving under the table.
  Betsy was back to her loom today weaving those lovely wool rugs!

  Christy's inkle woven bracelets will be ready for the Foothills show, as well as her beautiful book marks.  They are always a big hit!

     Carol helped Liz get her warp secured to the front beam, and she's ready to weave!

  And, the Ladies were "busy" on the back row!

Marie checked off the inventory that sold in October....we had three of the Steeplechase Challenge scarves that sold!!!

  Sharon is looking in to doing a Tuesday Weaver cookbook!  We sure do have a lot of great cooks in our little group!

  And, before we know it, it's time to fold up the looms and move them out of the way.  Harriet 's scarf is looking GOOD!  And, Frieda is ready to start threading her scarf...just as soon as she picks out a pattern that catches her eye!!!!

Next week will be busy getting everything ready to go to the show!  That means lots of weaving and finishing at home this week!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

The ladies on the back row were particularly hilarious today especially at one point, it always makes me wonder what in the world they are talking about!

Maggie said...

Tina, those towels are beautiful! I've never thought to use hand dyed warp for towels.