Tuesday, November 1, 2016


You see it all the time here in the studio....cut off one warp, then get going with a new one!  Since we're two weeks away from our Foothills show, Karin cut off the five towels that she had finished weaving.  She'll get those hemmed and washed just in time for the show!  After she tied the warp back on her loom, she changed the treadle tie-up for a more Spring-like motif.  We'll have to wait and see what she decided on for the new towels!

Then, it was Bonnie's turn to cut off the warp with three scarves!  Just in time for the show!!!!

  Before you could say "Jack Robinson" she had picked out another warp for her loom!!!  Shirley jumped in to help her get it wound on the back beam....WOW!

  We've been following Molly's progress on her warp (she's almost finished, by the way.)  But, today, she jumped in to help Jocelyn get her shawl warp on the Leclerc.

***Are you keeping count?  That's three!

  Irene finished threading, and got the reed sleyed this afternoon.  This is another scarf warp.

  Frieda is working to get this warp on her loom, too.

***We're up to five!

  Carol helped Ruth Anne spread her new warp.  After getting it wound on, she'll be ready to start threading.

  Liz's warp is wound on and she has started threading.

WOW!!!!  That's SEVEN warps going on looms today!!!!!

  This is my money shot for today:  Carl and his warp of finished rugs--working on #12 right now!  He's planning on on one more long rug after this one.  That  means we'll be putting on a new warp after the Foothills show!

  Pat will be winding Carl's new warp at home this week.  With all we have going on in the Studio, there's not a lot of room to bring out the warping mill! 
  (Hey, Maggie.....Pat just finished hemstitching this placemat....I got this shot just for you!!!!)

 In the meantime, the rest of us just keep on keeping on!!!

  We've got two weeks to get it done!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

LOL, not only do the Tuesday Weaver's weave beautiful things, but they are fast as roadrunners! Beep Beep!

Maggie said...

Thanks, LouAnn! But how did she FEEL about it?