Monday, November 28, 2016


I know, I've got a warp on the loom. However, I haven't even looked at it for a week!! After getting all the end of fair season things done, and before the thanksgiving preps started, I sewed. It was time. I cut out the beginning strips for this quilt while I was up in Canada in August. Then it sat there til I had minutes to tackle it. I didn't really think through this pattern. There are 16 one inch square pieces, 4 two inch square pieces and 2 four inch square pieces in each block.....and there are 100 blocks. So it's been slow going even with my using all the tricks of chain sewing, etc.
Once the block is finished, it will be 8 inches square. I used 30s era reproduction fabrics for the main colors and found some tone on tone white and black for the tiny squares.
See what I mean? And, there are 100 of them. 25 different colors for the blocks. 4 blocks of each fabric.
So now I have to iron all of them. Pressing them will make them look better and will be easier to handle when I decide on how to sew them together. Just the ironing will take time.
The pattern is interesting. 
This is what I saw on the package when I decided to buy it.
Inside are 2 pages of alternative designs. So, I have decisions to make.
At this point I have no idea how I'll finally put them together. I just know I don't want a block of the same fabric next to the same block. Ironing is first, after I get some needed work done in the house. Hopefully I will have time to deal with the design later this week.
This is what happens when I actually follow a pattern instead of just using it as inspiration and then doing it my way.
Weaving is in the wings but I am getting tired of this pattern so it's time to get it together!
Until next week, keep weaving! 


Theresa said...

Okay, if I was closer I would so steal those blocks with the red puppy fabric. The quilt will be lovely when done!

LA said...

I can't wait to hear which design you decide on for this quilt. That's amazing!!!!

Tina J said...

That looks like fun!