Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working With Our Hands

  Back to work at the studio today!  Lanny had runners to hem.

  Tina repaired the Ashford spinning wheel that came with all the stuff from North Carolina.

  Pat cut off the rugs from the warp that Ann put on the Rocker Loom.

   She worked this afternoon needle weaving the ends back into the rug.

  Carl finished the warp on the Barn Loom.

  There were four rugs on that warp.  We'll be knotting fringes next week!!!

Yes.....the lovely ladies of the back row.....just staying busy!!!!   (I don't know why they hate to see me coming with the camera!)

  Betsy and Margi kept Carol company while she did a quick inventory of our 8/4 stock.  It's time to reorder more!!!

Betsy got some tips on drafting from Carol.

Sharon has gotten hemstitching down to a fine art!

It's just not a Tuesday without a little Show & Tell!  Marie tried her hand at Shadow Weave....isn't it lovely!

  Another Tuesday is in the books.....who knows what we'll get into next week!!!  I can guess that the warping mill will be pulled out to wind new warps for two of the looms, and I think that Marie will be planning a new warp for the Macomber!  We'll have to wait and see......

Happy Weaving!

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Maggie said...

Wow! Shadow weave! Marie can't say she's a beginner anymore. Rugs done, hemstitching, yarn ordering, what a busy Tuesday!