Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting Back To Business

  The quiet of last week is just a memory....today was a combination of stories being told and plans being made.  And, of course, there was a lot of weaving going on!!!!

  Lanny wove the last lace table runner and cut off the warp in front of the heddles.  He had just enough so that he could tie the new warp onto the old one.  Another warp of lace runners will come in handy at the Fall sales.

(The serger came out after lunch to finish the edges before hemming!)

Our lovely ladies kept the back row looms busy.  That would be three warp dyed scarves and one warp of towels!

(These are the looms that fold up during the week and sit in the space between the barn looms and Big Bertha.)

  Maggie dropped by and ended up having a knitting lesson with Tina.  She's using a knitting "belt" to hold the receiving needle.

Maggie's friend, Nikki, was there to look at the spinning wheel that we are selling.  Nikki and Carol were having a great conversation about Canada (Yes....they are both Canadian!)

Sharon brought her hot-off-the-loom towel for us to admire!    (And Tina let us touch her alpaca scarf that she blogged about last Friday!!!)

  Share Time is GREAT!!!

Just so Cindy knows that we haven't forgotton her, this is where I am on the threading on her towel warp.....not quite half way.

There's a lot to be said for those quiet days in the Studio....but, you just gotta love these busy days when just about everyone is back with us.

Happy Weaving!

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