Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just Doin' What We're Supposed To Do

Yes, Carol.....we just took care of business.  That yarn donation was taken care of, and we're ready to get back to regular weaving next week.

Of course, Carl made us all look like slackers by getting right to work this morning.  He got the strips cut for his next rug.

  At lunch, we issued a new challenge for the year:  on Tuesday, 7 July 2015, we will each showcase our stewardship of the planet by using a handwoven napkin at lunch.  The design, fiber and size is completely up to each weaver.  This should be lots of fun!!!!

  We hope you're having a grand time in Nashville, and all of our other travelers are enjoying their vacations.
  See you soon.
Happy Weaving!

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barbara said...

I applaud your efforts for everyone to be using a handwoven napkin for your lunches, starting on July 7, 2015. When I was going on a regular basis to our weaving studio, I always took along a handwoven napkin, and usually a second one to use as a placemat. We were able to acquire handwoven placemats for everyone to use; and handwoven towels for use in the bathroom. Each week, someone would take the placemats, bathroom towels and tea towels home to wash. The weavers, except for myself and one other, were not interested in using a handwoven napkin ..... it was too much work to take it each week. I applaud your efforts. I love reading your blog and find them most interesting. I am writing from Prince Edward Island, in Canada.
Weaverly yours .... Barbara