Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again!

My much younger self

 Yes, friends, only 7 more shopping days!  I heard my sister just groan, but you must know that my birthday is my favorite day of the year.  It's even better when my birthday starts a week early.  A dear friend took me to a wine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants last night, and it was wonderful.  It's great to see a good friend become a successful chef, with a terrific restaurant that's thriving, and a baby on the way, to boot!
  Each course was better than the one before, and the wines were perfectly paired.  We had a lovely evening!
  LouAnn, who's birthday was Monday, will  be joining my sister, mother and I for brunch this Sunday, so we can extend both our birthdays.  We both believe in the birthday week, and maybe longer!

I haven't been weaving a bit, but continue my knitting obsession.  I've started a shawl, based on the one I finished recently in turquoise hand-dyed yarn.  It was from KnitWear, my favorite knitting magazine, and had a lace border incorporated as you knit.  I loved it, but thought it would be cool to use a more complex lace design.  I perused my many, many lace knitting books, and found a pattern I liked.  I'm using Noro Lace, which is cotton, wool, rayon and cashmere, in a very vibrant colorway.  I'm really enjoying it!  And it's small enough, for now, to fit into a purse and go places with me.
  I have most of next week off, so I hope I'll find time for a loom or two, but right now, knitting is what I want!  That and British murder mysteries, a treat for aching feet that just want to sit still for a while.
  I hope you're treating yourself, too!  Happy weaving!

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LA said...

Happy Birthday Week!!!! I think celebrating the week of our birth is a great idea! (Are you watching the Masterpiece Mystery series from PBS?) I will see you Sunday!