Friday, July 11, 2014

FO's and a New Loom!

I finished  the sweater I was knitting the last time I posted.  I knit the "button band" once in knit1/purl1 rib, but I did not like it!  So I ripped it out and re knit it in plain old stockinette stitch.

It fits wonderfully, and if it wash't so hot, I would try it on for a photo shoot!  It didn't take long to redo the band and I am really pleased with the results.

At the same time I was knitting the sweater, I was plugging away at a pair of socks, using some yarn I bought at the "Into the Wool Fiber Retreat".  It is a simple rib pattern with one of the ribs being a little wider so that you can throw a cable in every 7th row.  ("So Simple Silk Garden Socks")

After I took this picture, I decided that the socks weren't long enough, so I opened up the toe and ripped back to where I started the toe decreases.  I added about 4 more rows of pattern, then redid the toes.  They now are wonderful, and like the sweater, will see plenty of use this coming fall and winter.

Wednesday, I was helping Lou Ann with a project, and we were almost back to her house when I got the call that my new floor Inkle loom had arrived!  We turned right around and went to help unpack the order, and pick up my Leclerc loom "Cendrel".

This is a very interesting loom, Leclerc says you can weave up to 15 feet of band or tape.  Many that I have talked to say that it is more like 24ft!

Do you see the cute fabric bag that is holding the hardware?  Leclerc always does that!  It only took about an hour to put this loom together, oh, and when they say to put soap on the screws to make it easier, believe them!

It will be next week before I can get a warp on this loom.  I have some ideas, but nothing firmed up yet.

Last, but not least, I have made a discovery that if you actually weave on a project, it will get done!  I wove this scarf project on my new rigid heddle loom.  It has been on the loom for a couple of months, mainly because I got a little enthusiastic on the number of colors I wanted to use on this project.  It took me a couple of times to make the weft color changes not quite so frequent.

This is a herringbone pattern, 2 dark, 2 light all the way across for the warp and weft.  I had wanted to weave the colors as warped, but all that cutting and tucking in the ends was way too much for me, and for the integrity of the fabric.  I had to come up with a way to use all the colors in the warp, just not all the way down the project.  I ended up doing 6 repeats of each color grouping on both of the ends, and picked one light/dark group for the body of the scarf.  I haven't wet finished it yet, but I plan to have it ready to share next Tuesday.

That is a good bit of what I have been up to these last couple of weeks, what is keeping you busy?

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Weaving, and Knitting,  Tina


Maggie said...

I really like that sweater pattern! And I think the button band looks great the way you did it. All that done, and a new loom!

LA said...

I can't wait to see your first warp on the new loom. I remember looking at one of those when I first started weaving. BTW, I found those small rigid heddles, and I'll bring them on Tuesday.