Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Laid Plans

I am just glad that this iPad was charged. If I'm careful, I should be able to use it the rest of the day.
I'm kind of stuck at home today. Hope it doesn't get too hot.
As the storm was approaching last night, DH thought it would be a good idea to move the cars up the driveway under the trees because of potential hail. Three years ago most of Knoxville got new roofs because of serious hail damage. Two of our cars have many pock marks from hail as well. Mine doesn't. So he was trying to protect them. Well, our tall persimmon tree couldn't handle the wind and broke off, falling across the driveway. Apparently my roof has a tiny ding but DH's jeep has a broken window and he couldn't get the jeep out without a chain saw. That will be tonight. If he hadn't moved the cars, none of us would have been able to get out before the tree had been cut.
It could have been so much worse. A friend's shed was hit by lightning and burnt. There had been a nice boat in there...
We've been thinking about the tree that fell. It was on the side of our hill, the only really tall tree right there. A few years ago, in winter, we watched a raccoon climb that tree, looking for something to eat. Branches bent, but he held on. To us it was terrifying to see how fearlessly he went on branches way out from the trunk, looking for food. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he finally headed down. I suspect it hadn't been the first time a raccoon had been up there but it won't happen again. 
So I am home today. It's quiet and I have enough light to get some handwork done. 
Hopefully they will get to our street today to get us back online with power.
Until next week, here's hoping I will be able to get a bunch of weaving done.
Keep weaving!


LA said...

Going back to your roots: weaving by lamp light!!! Sorry about the tree...but that storm was a doozy!

Theresa said...

Glad everyone made it through. Have fun weaving by lamplight but I hope your power comes back on soon.

Theresa said...
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