Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Got Stash???

What happens when a weaver decides to move far away OR to downsize their weaving studio???  They sell off their stash!!!

  Marie, Molly and Linda B. drove to North Carolina on Monday to pick up a load of stash from a weaver that was moving to the Northeast.  After unloading the goods, they left it for today's weavers to pick through and sort all the goodies.

  For new weavers, this is a good opportunity to get yarn for a low price.  Plus, it adds to our supply for the studio.

  Ms. Ila bought the two Harrisville looms....a little Murphy's made them look almost brand new!

  The wool on these cones was too weak for us to use as warp, so Katie asked for the cones to use for Kids' Camp next summer.

  And, in the midst of all the yarn, we had a visit from "Santa."  YES......Santa wants to learn to weave!  (We'll keep you updated on this one!)

Carl brought his newest rug to share with the group.  This pattern is from Tom Knisely's  Weaving Rag Rugs book.

  It's a good thing Linda loves us....she baked a chocolate zucchini cake to reward us for all the hard work.  After all, it's healthy, right????

  She even volunteered to vacuum the studio! 

Thank you, Linda!!!!

  Somewhere out there, new weavers are dreaming of lots of new projects woven with their new stash.  It's even better than sugar plums dancing in their heads!
    Right,  Santa?????

Happy Weaving (and Dreams!!!)

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Tina J said...

I wish I could have been there!