Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oops! I Did it Again!

Can't you just see me in a skimp bare-midriff top, dancing to that song?

No, me neither.

  But I did forget to blog Wednesday.  Well, forget isn't accurate.  I was sound asleep by 6:00!  Silly job!  Too bad blogging doesn't pay the mortgage!

It's been a busy week.  I've been harvesting  loads of tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, not too many eggplant, and I have no idea what's up with the chilies, but don't they look lovely after their bath?  Does anything smell as intoxicating as freshly picked tomatoes?

No, nothing does.

I've been knitting my sweater for Knitting Daily's Knit-a-Long.  I got to the interesting part yesterday, the Celtic design that goes around the neck.  When the cables swoop back inwards, I'll separate the front from the back with the sleeve bind offs.  I've changed the pattern a bit, because I didn't really want the back to be stockinette, and the sleeves will be different.  I hope it still counts for the Knit-a-Long!    I love the yarn, a 50-50 silk-wool blend.  It smells really good, and has a nice feeling to knit.
 I had a couple friends over for a cook-out on the 4th, and had a lovely time.  What a beautiful day it was!  And don't they make a cute couple?

Yes, they do!

And a happy, happy note:  I won one of the door prizes on the East Tennessee Yarn Crawl!  So very exciting!  The pattern that came with all the yummy, fun yarn is a poncho that I will never make in a million years, but I'm thinking the yarn would make a really spiffy scarf warp!  I'm thinking black chenille as the weft, since there's so much black in the yarn.  It's all hand-dyed, except the brown chenille, which will probably be a knitted scarf.  I think it'll be fun!

 And it will be!

As the summer heats up, and the weeds slow down a little in the garden, it's a perfect time to be inside, weaving, knitting and hanging out in the AC, isn't it?

Yes, it is!



LA said...

Congratulations of winning one of the prizes! Yeah!!!! More fiber! I know you are enjoying all that fresh, homegrown produce.

Bonnie said...

I love that sweater. Purple, my favorite color next to red. Can't wait to see it finished. You are so talented.

Tina J said...

Inside finishing projects in the AC is the place to be these days! Great looking sweater, I haven't done a knit A long yet, have you done many?