Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Glorious Day

 Our model is seen here wearing her mom's new cowl.  When I put the cowl around her neck, she was looking a little sad, but when I put the camera up to take her photo, she straightened up, tucked one paw under and held her head high.  A true super model.
  The cowl pattern is one I picked up on the yarn crawl a few weeks ago, and the yarn was from another store on the crawl, Noro worsted weight.  It's 50% silk, 40% mohair and 10% merino, but even with all that silk, it's a little scratchy.  I know this, because it's hanging around my neck right now.  It's chilly in the house!  Can you believe it?  July 16, and it's in the mid-70's!
  But Bella and I are not complaining.  We've been on a lovely walk around UT gardens today, enjoying the cool temperatures and the beautiful flowers.

And the lovely flowers are not just at UT.  I've spent most of the morning sewing, looking out the window of my sewing room at the vegetable garden and beyond.  The crape myrtles are all in bloom, and the hydrangeas are coming and going.  The garden is still going strong, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, okra and peppers.
  My sister and mom are coming in a couple weeks to visit, so I need to finish up some sewing projects that will be gifts.  Time to settle back in front of the window and enjoy this beautiful afternoon.
  What are you working on today?

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LA said...

Great view of the garden...and the front of the house is lovely, too! Bella looks great in your cowl, and she gets an A+ on her modeling gig.