Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Holding Down the Fort

We had a lot of folks on the road this week, but there was still a lot of activity at the Center today.

 I walked in to find a pile of rugs on the floor beside a sewing machine.  Carol was busy hemming the rugs that Linda took off her loom last week.

Linda sent me a picture to post of all the rugs laid out on her floor at home.  Her cats were giving the rugs the seal of approval.

Carl continued to work on his rug.  In fact he finished this one today.

Lanny is quickly coming to the end of his warp.  We talked about leaving enough warp so that he can tie on a new warp and continue with the same pattern.

Betsy worked on these hand towels this  morning, but by the afternoon she was using more patriotic colors to honor the 4th of July holiday coming up.

I managed to get a couple of repeats on the baby blanket.

Pat's rug is waiting for her to come back!

 You see all these looms lined up at the beginning of the day?

They came out of that corridor to the right, packed in as tight as we can get them!

Lou Ann was busy today, she is out with her family for a couple of days.  I think Carol said there were at least 8 of the regulars missing today, and I agree.

Summer time often has a fluctuating roll call, but we do love it when we can come.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina for all

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LA said...

Yeah, Lanny!!! I can't believe that warp is already finished. It looks like a great day of weaving!