Thursday, May 29, 2014

What's Up With This?

So......the burning question is:
  Have you gotten your copy yet????

  Tina asked me on Tuesday afternoon if I would like to look at her had come on Saturday.  I thought for sure that it would come on Wednesday.  I said I would wait.
  Today is Thursday and still no new issue of Handwoven.

So....instead of the May/June issue, maybe it is just the JUNE issue.

This is the same magazine that starts asking me if I'd like to renew right after I renew!
  Go figure.....


  On the bloom watch, it has finally started to happen.  All of the tight little buds have started to open out.

  I'm holding my breath each afternoon when we have these crazy hail!!!!

  In the meantime, the lilies have started to bloom.  I planted three blubs there last year, and I have about a dozen stalks this year!

No weaving this week....I've been busy cleaning out closets and moving the yarn stash.  The new windows will be coming on Monday, and that means furniture will have to be moved around.

  While I'm moving things so they can put in the windows, it's a good time to do some deep cleaning.  I'm trying to stay one step ahead!

Maybe tomorrow is the day the May/June issue will come.  After all, there's still two more days left on the May calendar!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Spectacular lilies! I dropped Handwoven years ago, the constant nagging to renew
was enough for me. Sometime this year I would like simply two subscriptions, one Vav and another Selvedge out of the UK.
I have a question for the Tuesday Weavers. Do any of you weave on a smaller Macomber or a Gilmore Gem?
If so how do you like them?

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Argghh on the wait for Handwoven. I let mine drop, the older issues are more interesting than the newer ones anyhow. It's nice to page through them for inspiration.

When moving, I gave a bunch of mine to Linda... depleting them due to the weight limits of living full time in an RV. Well... 2 years later and kinda regretted that after settling down in a house again.

Last week a weaver called me to come and get a bunch of yarn she didn't want that was inherited from her mom inlaw... imagine my delight when she included a huge box of old Handwovens dating from 1980-2001~~~ !!!!

Karen and Steve
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Maggie said...

Last issue was the same: You got yours days before I got mine! But I got it last night, made a cup of tea and read it all up!