Monday, May 12, 2014

A New Book!

Amazon sends many emails about new books that are available. Usually I just glance at the contents and delete it. However about a week ago I got one that had a title I hadn't seen before...Learn to Weave by Anne Field!! 
This is a brand new book, just made available to us. 
Anne passed away over a year ago but her daughter took the notes of the almost complete book and finished it.
The book is awesome. 
I've woven for a long time and when I started there weren't a lot of books for new weavers. The last few years we've seen several wonderful books being published. This certainly is one of them.
The pictures included are a huge help for someone trying to figure out how to get everything set up right to weave.
The best part is that she just jumps right in with projects to weave...table runners, These aren't what one would traditionally call beginner projects but with her instructions, they are very doable for a new weaver. For example, weaving a reversible cocoon or a weft faced rug with this book of instructions are possible for a newer weaver.
Included in the book are things like a really complete reed table of how to thread your loom if you don't have the size reed needed. Another page has a comprehensive list for burn tests for identifying yarns...all those things we wonder about and one book.
It's good to be part of a group of weavers that meets each week to weave. However, not many weavers have a support group like that. Having a book like this is almost like having a friend there with you to guide and reassure you. 

So, if you have a weaving library that you rely on, here's a title that you should add.

Weaving wise, not much happening. We were in Cincinnati from Thursday til last night for a wedding. DH and a friend played and our daughter spoke, read a piece she wrote in their honor during the ceremony. It rained so they couldn't get married in the courtyard of the museum, but the grand hall was very impressive and the skies cleared enough for pictures outside later. A weekend spent with old friends and new...priceless.

Now it's back to weaving. I want to get my green warp finished tomorrow.
Until next week, keep weaving.

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LA said...

My copy came on Saturday. I agree--this would be a great book to add to a weaving library.